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Τους νέους ηλιακούς  θερμοσίφωνες ECO-BIOSUN με την υψηλότερη απόδοση στην Ελληνική αγορά.

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Manufacturer of Quality Radiators of Distinction. With operations in more than 15 countries and over 100 years of production experience, Zehnder offers an unrivalled product range of Column, Panel, Low Surface Temperature, Ceiling heating and Towel radiators. The Zehnder Group, with its extensive range of products under the brand names of Zehnder, Runtal, Faral and Acova, meets all technical and architectural demands.

Our History in Brief
The Zehnder Group has been intimately linked with the development of radiator technology.
  • 1930 - Patent application for the first steel tubular radiator
  • 1953 - Patent awarded for the first flat-tube panel radiator
  • 1979 - First fully integrated towel radiator on the market

Quality Assured
All Zehnder radiators are made from top quality materials under stringent conditions of quality control. Our manufacturing facilities operate to the highest environmental and manufacturing standards and are certified to ISO 9001.

Stock Ranges
Zehnder carry a comprehensive range of standard size column, panel, aluminium and towel radiators in stock for immediate despatch.

Made to Measure
With the exception of the fixed dimensions of the towel radiators, all models can be supplied in different lengths, in some cases up to 6 metres, and with optional connections.

Designed to Fit
Curved and angled radiators and many other special designs are well represented in the Zehnder range.

Painted to Order
Our radiators leave the factory painted in hundreds of different shades with an optimal paint finish to meet your special requirements. The electrophoretically applied powder coat finish ensures even, drip free, 100% coverage to ensure long lasting protection.

The Future
The demand for radiators is changing continuously to fit in with new trends in architecture and environmental concerns. Zehnder Group experts with their ongoing development work are constantly improving and adapting the product range to meet the changing demands of technology, and introducing new advanced products to meet modern heating requirements.



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